Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 11, 2018

Free Oak Fire Wood

From: Cliff Kellogg

The oak tree behind the fire station on Crestline Road has been cut down in preparation for the construction of the new county-funded crew quarters. Any Palomar Mountain residents interested in free not-yet-seasoned oak can get a truck load for free. We only ask that:

1. Wood is available for Palomar Mountain residents only and should remain on Palomar Mountain to prevent the spread of GSOB.

2. One pick up load only. No multiple trips. We want to make it available to as many residents as possible.

3. Not for resale – personal use only.

4. Call the fire station first (760) 742-3701 and let them know you are coming prior to picking up. Please don’t just pull in and start loading. Also, make your planned pickup time during reasonable daylight hours.

5. Don’t ask the on-duty crew to help you load. Plan on loading yourself.

6. No chain sawing/cutting on the property. This offer good while supplies last. We will want to keep some wood in reserve for future community center use. Remember it won’t be ready to burn until next year.

Palomar Mountain Fire Board



  1. nice.

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