Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 28, 2018

D&D and Real Estate News


Real Estate is rollin’ on the Mountain!!!  In the years past, September has been pretty slow.  Kids are back in school and folks are catching up on new schedules – we often take off for a few weeks and I’ve never missed an appointment.  Fast-forward to September 2018?!?! Sooooo many showings and so much going on!!!  I don’t remember being this busy in a very long time!

We have six properties in escrow on Palomar.  I have the pleasure to represent the sellers, buyers or both on all six:

The Prince arrived for Sleeping Beauty!

Happy Holler has a new couple looking forward to a family project to fix up and escape the city life.

Mountain View buyers are so excited to learn it has a ‘secret room’!  I didn’t know!  Very special and fun!

That couple acres of vacant land with the amazing view that has been in escrow forever?  It is finally finishing up some lot combining, easement drama and soon to be something to watch as the new owner’s dream will unfold right before our eyes!

The little vintage fixer has a tarp on the missing roof for now but will have new life breathed in by the buyer with some great plans to restore and create something very special.

Three families have great plans for a family retreat on Panorama Trail.  They love the fact that a few fruit trees have been nurtured along these past few years.  They will be adding to it for weekends together at their farm-with-a-view.

Oh, and the ‘Definition of Cute”?!??  Those buyers had absolutely no intention of buying another cabin at all when they came over for *D&D.  I told them I needed to run something over to the guests at Cabin Fever.  I kidnapped the gal to go with me.  Driving up Crestline, she saw the sign and asked about that cabin.  We pulled in for a peek.  Then we had to go back and get her husband.  How could he resist?!?  It already has a new name (stay tuned) and is very much loved.

So, I only have TWO listings left for you!  Both are nicer-than-a-cabin – they could be full time homes on Palomar!   Just tonight I finally got the Forest Retreat up on the MLS so all the info is waiting at that link.  Already scheduled appointments for both this weekend and into next week.  Do YOU want to come see, too?

What is next?  We sure could use some new listings up here!  Some are in the works now with tree trimming and clearing being done.  Owners often move things they want to keep, then I help stage what is left to make it extra-special for the buyers.   I often spend more time with clients before a property hits the MLS than during the marketing time.  Staging is so fun and makes such a tremendous difference.  Click to see just a few of my before and afters.  How may I help YOU?

Bonnie Phelps – having a great time on the Mountain!

*Dinner and Dominos!   Such old-fashioned FUN  – come join us!  🙂

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