Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 16, 2018

Un-Plug! Maybe Thunderstorms!

Ok, a chance of thunderstorms just may be heading our way.  Yesterday I was driving to show property listening to my radio.  A thunderstorm alert cut in.  We got a few sprinkles but when I heard that lightening crack off in the distance, I was thinking, “I sure wish my computer was unplugged”!

Now is your chance.  If this storm heads your way, or if you take off for the afternoon, you might want to unplug some things.

We have several stories up here from neighbors who lost their computer, tv, appliances, phone and more during a thunderstorm.

Beautiful, bright blue sky right now and such a lovely day.  Hard to believe a storm may be heading this way ’round noon.  So, just in case, only unplug the things you don’t want to replace…   🙂

(If we do get rain, I’ll be dancing in it!!!)




  1. An Emergency Alert System (“EAS”) radio announcement about 3:30 PM yesterday warned of possible “nickel sized” hail on Palomar and mentioned the State Park area in particular. The basis for the claim was weather radar data.


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