Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 16, 2018

GSOB Info – Dying Trees?


Many trees have been impacted by the drought, but we have also had reports of the Gold Spotted Oak Borer (GSOB) on Palomar.

Driving along Hwy 76 and coming up East Grade, you can see trees impacted by the GSOB.

There are two very helpful guides at the top of the Fire Safe Council   Also, you’ll find a link to the GSOB website that has been recently updated.

Check it out and be informed.  More info soon on options for prevention.

The above info with links was provided by:

From: Ricardo Aguilar []

Here is the information pamphlet.

This is my GSOB Bible, lots of great researched information.

Also you can go to

if you haven’t done so, lots of great updated information here as well.

Let me know if there are any questions,



Q.A.L:109009 /  ISA Arborist:WE-10235A
Phone: 760-705-5571 – Fax: 760-539-7573



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