Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 28, 2018

Like AC on Palomar?

From: Chuck Black

I wanted to share a good experience I had with a contractor.   I have been trying to get a mini-split ac system at my place on Palomar for a couple of years now, but I found it hard to get contractors to come up there, and I don’t think they care to install mini-split systems much because there’s not a lot of profit margin (my guess).  These types of heat pumps are super efficient, the compressors are very quiet, and they also serve as heaters.  They need a dedicated 220 line and not too great a distance between the inside blower unit and the outside compressor.

I enjoyed ac from them in Mexico and Costa Rica, and I have had one in a rental unit in San Diego for a year, with rave reviews from the tenants. I texted Mike at Miller Mechanical (858 220-9806) and told him what I was looking for, and got a quick response with a firm quote, and availability of an appointment within a week.  Mike grew up in Julian and has a past career as a firefighter, and is very familiar with San Diego’s back country.  Mike and his crew of 2 (including his brother) showed up on time, were respectful and efficient, and had the system installed within 5 hours, as promised.

The system worked great at first, but after a couple of hours was leaking water inside.  Mike showed up first thing the next morning and found that a hose connection usually made by the factory had not been made.  He fixed the problem easily, and the system has been working great for several weeks now.  There is a 7 year warranty.  I had gotten one other quote from a contractor who came out to bid, which was more than three times the price for an inferior smaller unit.

Now I don’t fear those 100 degree days on the mountain!




  1. Thanks for the referral always appreciated, contractors are busy in this good economy we are enjoying, many not wanting to work out of their zone.

  2. Nice to find a good contractor and crew. We looked at the split system in Escondido but decide AC is for sissies, The thin about using elec. to heat in colder months ran up the elec. bill too much at the time. Maybe a swamp cooler some day when we get rich. 🙂

    • I bet there was a time on the mountain when somebody said ‘electricity and running water is for sissies!’ 🙂

      • I’m a sissy! We’re going to copy Chuck Black and get AC! 😀

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