Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 4, 2018

What happened today in Real Estate?


It is always nice to welcome new folks to Palomar.  However, it is often bitter-sweet for the seller.  Palomar is such a special place…

The escrow that closed today was the fifth family property to sell in less than a year for the Clark family.  Many of you know Steve Clark who served on the Water Board and PMPO over the years.  He and his wife live in Santa Maria so went out for a steak dinner to celebrate tonight.  He is thankful his escrow closed but Palomar is so close to his heart with 5 generations feeling the same way.

Steve’s family purchased Pedley Valley in the late 1800’s.  Some of their story was part of the marketing for their Bear’s Den Cabin that closed today.  Reminiscing, Steve told me his grandfather hand-dug the Palomar Mutual Water Company Well #1, known as Doctors Pond.

Pedley Valley had the only logging mill up here for many decades.  The wood for the Lodge and vintage cabins was logged out of the valley that is below Crestline on the north side.  The valley is now owned by a handful of different folks, including the water company.  The vintage apple trees that present owners still enjoy, were planted over 100 years ago.  So, Steve’s forefathers enjoyed apples off those same trees.  Yes, many happy memories.

The new owner we’ll introduce soon on a ‘New Neighbor’ post, but some of you have already met him!  George Wolfe is a licensed electrician and has already worked for several folks up here solving their electrical needs.  Welcome George!

That A-frame still in escrow sure has some patient buyers.  Several projects are finishing up to get the cabin in their name, hopefully next week.  They will be joining us full time!

The Forest Fixer was scooped up by two neighbors.  They teamed up with plans to really raise the bar with a total remodel, open up the view, fix the road fill it full of cabin charm.

We’ve had active showings for the 34 acres just waiting for your dream home or cabin but still looking for ‘the one’. Good time to check it out!

The Rim-of-the-World custom and the oh-so-inviting getaway on 9 acres are both sparkling and ready for you to move right in to catch the lazy days of summer.

With a couple thousand subscribers to PMNews, there are quite a few of you who are anxiously awaiting new listings.  I hear from you often.  So, dear readers with seldom used lots, land, cabins, homes or ranches….  I’m certainly glad to get your questions answered. Many buyers are waiting!

A safe and Happy Fourth to All,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor



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