Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 2, 2018

Kid’s Firewood For Sale

Thinking of camping on Palomar?  Staying at a Vacation Rental?  Like a couple bundles for your weekend at the cabin?  There is an easy source for firewood waiting for you on State Park Road!

The youngest entrepreneurs on the mountain have quite a business going! Ten year old Judah has enlisted the help of his 5 year old brother, and 9 and 11 year old sisters.  They have been supplying firewood for vacation rentals for over a year now.  Two weeks ago Judah built and painted his firewood stand all by himself (well, the other kids helped a little bit).  So, their business has really taken off!

Judah now has a contract with neighbors to harvest their big logs with Grandaddy. The kids split the wood with Grandma.  Then, they haul, bundle and stock their popular “Woodpecker Firewood” stand.  The stand is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Payment is by the honor system with a little can to slip in $5.00 per bundle.  They also go on Stick Patrol around the property to keep a bucket of kindling full.  The kindling is offered as a free bonus.

Scramble on over for fresh eggs, too!  They gather eggs daily from their very happy hens that lay eggs in several different colors.

And, the Stand is a free Internet Hot Spot.  Pull in, sign on as our Guest, no password and you’ll be checking your messages or catching up on calls in a minute.

You are welcome to call or text ahead to reserve your wood and eggs.

(Since these photos were taken, they have the proper eye wear, ear protection, jeans, boots, gloves and all the rest….  Safety First!)

It is so great to see how much these kids are enjoying hard work and see them interact greeting customers …  warms my heart!

Directions to the Stand: From Mother’s Kitchen and the Store, take State Park Road just over a mile.  You’ll see the stand on the right.  Can’t miss it!

Happy Camping Everyone!  Don’t forget the s’mores!



  1. This is wonderful Bonnie. I hope Grandpa warns the kids about rattle snakes love wood piles, mice hang out in them.  

    • Oh yes, we keep a big shovel in the Polaris. We use it often to wack the piles of firewood on the ground and listen for rattlers. Always on the lookout.
      Safety First! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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