Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 23, 2018

New Power Poles via Helicopters

IMG_8176  IMG_8172

SDG&E is replacing wood poles with steel for a higher level of safety during time of fire.  I talked to a gal a couple days ago doing site studies to mark pole locations on the roads.  A helicopter was scouting the mountain mid-day a couple days ago. Another worker yesterday said quite a few different contractors are involved, including helicopters to ferry in some poles in challenging locations.  Apparently a pole above our place will be set with a helicopter and guessing the local younger set would really enjoy watching.

When you hear those big birds in the air, you might take a look outside.

(Ok, I have to say it… wouldn’t this be a nice time to put a lot of this underground?  If only…)

Bonnie Phelps – who often dreams of photo-shopping those power lines in our view…




  1. Power lines underground. If only….. Unfortunately the cost is immense.


  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Yes I agree, underground is the safest of all. Surely it wont cost much more.


  3. Henkels & McCoy is a subcontractor to SDG&E, therefore performing the work for SDG&E. Always exciting when you see a helicopter being used!

    • Awe, the things that entertain us folks on the mountain! 🙂

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