Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 20, 2018

Elderberry Flowers in Bloom

IMG_8130  IMG_8162

Do you know about Elderberry Flowers?  There are lots of these bushes in bloom all over Palomar. I was introduced to this wonderful tea by Hugo Sollman.  Many of you know Hugo who has a cabin up here and has been an organic farmer in Fallbrook for many years.

A few days ago, out showing property, I noticed some beautiful bushes, loaded with the flowers.  It was fun to have Hugo stop by today and mention that we’d better get picking!

The flavor of the tea apparently comes from the pollen, so this is a perfect time for a first harvest. Hugo suggested we use clippers and brown paper bags.  When you get home, shake the bugs and spiders off on newsprint, let dry in the bag for a week or so, then the buds come right off the stem.  You can put it in jars for flu-season or anytime healthy tea. The flowers are good to add to your salad and you can also use them in pancakes!

Great video has lots of good elderberry tips:

Be sure to respect private property if you are out picking.  Of course, Amazon has bags of these blossoms for sale, too!

A friend passed this on for fun pancakes made with the whole elderberry flower. I think we need to do this – quick. Lots of flowers along the public road easements.

From Karina:
“This just came from a group I belong to -California Native Plants.
Is not the healthiest, since those are fritters, but I believe is super fun project to do with kids as those will be pancakes fritters!
Collect some umbels of elderflower. Leave some of the stems on for handles. You can wash them gently to clean them if you want…or dip them in water and set on paper towels to dry. Dip them in your favorite pancake batter until flowers are coated. Then fry in oil until crispy. ( Try to make sure those handles stay upright for ease of removal). Let them drain on more paper towels. Some folks put sugar or cinnamon or whatever on them. Some like them plain. Pretty easy. Thumbs up from my crew so far.”


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