Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 8, 2018

Solar Ovens and Cyanotype

Summer is around the corner, so the Palomar Mountain Kids Club is celebrating with a Sun Day! Solar oven cooking, home-made ice cream sundaes, telescope viewing of the sun, and sun art!! The party will be on June 12th, 10am at the Observatory Outreach Center on Canfield Road.  (Storytime with Stacy for the littles will immediately precede it from 9:30-10am.)

Bring a solar oven to cook your lunch in! Here are instructions to make one type: , but there are all different kinds to make.  Does anyone have a solar oven?  It would be great if you could bring it to show the kids!  Also bring your own food to bake in the oven. Cheese is easy to melt. Suggested: pizzas on english muffins, cheese nachos, quesadillas. There are some recipes for other items at website above as well.

We’ll be making ice cream for sundaes. Eat a sundae on our Sun Day! Yay! Everyone needs to bring both a gallon and a quart zip lock bag, as well as a topping for the sundaes to share — just no nuts, please! (We have a child with severe nut allergies.)

We’ll do cyanotype paper art, so bring things for exposing! Start thinking about what objects your kids would like to put in a cyanotype print. Just do a google on it — there are tons of ideas. Fun!!

Nothing needed for sun viewing, except a big thanks to Steve Flanders.

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club meets every Tuesday morning at various locations on Palomar. For more information, email or call 0214.

Come play with us!



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