Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2018

Surveyor’s are out!


See that big log across the road?  It was a power pole not too long ago.  SDG&E is in the process of replacing wooden poles or trees with steel poles.  They set the new pole and a worker was up in a boom truck.  He detached the line and  – BOOM – the tree fell down – right where the property owner’s truck had been parked minutes before.

I was so pleased to see surveyors round the mountain the past few weeks.  They explained that they are working for SDG&E to plot their easements.  Since SDG&E is replacing the poles to make the mountain safer, they want to make sure the poles are within their easements.

Please take care to not remove or damage any survey markers.  They are very important to all and could be a huge benefit to individual property owners, too.

Thank you SDG&E and GIS Surveyors!

Bonnie Phelps – enjoying the snow!

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