Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 21, 2018

Did you Winterize?

It is cold up here! We have a few more days of below freezing temperatures:

Alas!  I’ve come across cabins with frozen pipes this morning.  If you have a weekend place, be sure you have your water off, drain your pipes and use anti-freeze in each drain and the toilets.  It has not been fun to walk in cabins and see toilets in several pieces on the floor.

If your water isn’t off at your weekend place, please turn it off, or have it done and winterize.  It might be too late for your pipes but maybe not to late to save the toilet bowls.

Like someone to do it for you?  Just off the phone with Ron Bowan 619-206-3347.  He is standing by and can service your cabin.  It is very important to have your water off before pipes thaw out to not have as much water damage to your floors and contents.

Of course, if you are home-on-the-mountain with your big fire in the fireplace, just have yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these flakes coming down.


  1. I came up Saturday and did it thank god. At 4300 feet I haven’t t had to do that in two years. This is a pretty bad cold snap, 5 nights below freezing in row at least.

    Ron is the best! Hopefully you don’t need him. He’s fixed frozen pipes for me before


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