Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 27, 2018

Reflective House Number Signs – Get Yours Now

From: Bill Leininger, CERT

PMFD CERT is now taking orders for the highly reflective house number signs that you’ve seen around the mountain. These signs make it much easier for the Palomar Mountain Fire Dept to find your house, when seconds count in an emergency. The signs are 12 x 6 inches in size, made of aluminum, and come in two colors – Blue or Green.

BLUE signs mean you have an accessible water tank on your property that the Fire Dept can use to refill the water tanks on their vehicles, so they don’t have to travel back to the station to refill during a fire. Much better for you and them if they can stay on site to keep a fire from burning down your house.

GREEN signs means you do not have an accessible water tank on site. But, the sign is still just as visible and important to the Fire Department.

PRICE for each sign – $15 (payable when you get the sign) Manufacturer estimates approx 2 week turnaround once we place the order.

To place your order:

E-mail me at – – with:

your name, house number, sign color (blue or green), phone number, and e-mail

I’ll also be at the station this Saturday (27 Jan) from 9-11, and Sat, 03 Feb, from 9-11 for the PMFD Board Mtg.

DEADLINE for orders – Thursday, 08 Feb (2 weeks).

Thank you,

Bill Leininger



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