Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 29, 2017

Triple J Ranch – New Neighbors!

triple j

It’s all about Family at the Triple J Ranch!

When brothers Jim, Jeff, and John came up to look for land they said they wanted a place for their families to gather.  They had a dream to create a ranch for a weekend getaway – far away from their very busy lives in Orange County. Jim’s wife,  Tashla enjoys playing board games and relaxing from her normally hectic schedule with work and kids.  John and Anna and Jeff and Jennifer also look forward, as much as possible, to load up their kids, pack in the food, make that last Home Depot stop and head to the hills.   Sister, Jenna and family join them when they can from Colorado. The brothers wanted a place for all the cousins to experience nature and make great memories just being together – a ‘legacy property’ they would all work on and keep in the family always.

The brothers had an amazing vision for the neglected and over-grown land they just had to have.  I’d peeked at progress photos that really intrigued me and finally got to see the ranch for the first time over the weekend.  So impressive and inspiring! Everywhere you look you see their signature of hard work, fine craftsmanship and super creative ideas.

The cabins are amazing and I love their priority!  The first project was to build a cabin for Mom! Jeanie is so blessed with such a cute-as-a-bug cabin. Furnished with  inviting, vintage antiques and lots of love. The children enjoy so much stopping by Mimi and Papa’s cabin for a quick game of cards.

triple j card game

Everyone worked together clearing the land and grooming trees.  They built picnic tables and wooden barrel trash can containers that all have ‘Triple J Ranch” burned into the wood.  So many creative touches. Love the new sign that was one of this past weekend’s projects.

triple j ranch thanksgiving

They play real hard too!  Last Thanksgiving found twelve around their table.  This year it was twenty four!  All sorts of games, activities and music – lots of music for kids of all ages every time they can get to Palomar.

triple j music

Of course, this weekend included making gingerbread houses and decorating the outdoor Christmas tree with lots of laughter and memories to cherish forever.

triple j christmas tree

Everyone has been pretty good this past year so Santa just may be on his way again real soon.

Triple J Santa

Merry Christmas from all at the Triple J Ranch!


You’re invited to meet more New Neighbors


  1. That’s right Ray! Good, old-fashioned fun!

  2. Very nice, I like that story and the idea. Our second home should be a cabin, ranch, or farm, if it can’t be our first and only home. – Some of my friends visit Grand Ma on the farmstead and have to stay in an RV or a motel. Why? the barn doesn’t leak?? – Just add some chores, to do together, and there you go.

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