Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 31, 2017

Kid’s Club Halloween Fun

Harvest-Party-25 Two Mountain Events today:

Harvest Party! Tuesday, October 31st, 10a – 12ish at Observatory Outreach Center. Games: pumpkin bowling, Jack o’ lantern shooting, giant Jenga, potato sack race, three legged race, inflatable bounce house (for the littles), bobbing for donuts

Crafts: sugar cookie decorating, pumpkin brad man, acorn lacing Thanks to Jessica, Melanie, and Jody for their help with this. If anyone else is able to come, please bring snacks for the kids. No nuts! Thanks!!

If you don’t celebrate Halloween, no worries — we are keeping this strictly harvest. No costumes…save those for trick or treating later that night!


Trick or Treating:  Since neighbors aren’t used to having this many kids for Trick or Treating on Palomar, Stacy pre-arranged for places to trick or treat.

Meet at the Summit at 4:30 so we can carpool and LEAVE from the Summit at 4:45.  We have 20 places to hit but a lot of driving to do! Please don’t be late — if you are, head down to the Lodge, and then start working back towards the Summit to find us. Yay! Everyone is so excited we are coming to their places!!  We’ll end up with hot dogs and chips for a “Spooky Forest Trail Hike”.


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