Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 31, 2017

Eclipse and Real Estate Update

To be honest, we were pretty ho-hum about the eclipse until we were invited by mountain friends to join them on a road trip to Wyoming.  We didn’t hesitate.  We got the proper glasses, loaded up our 5th wheel and had a great time for a couple weeks.  Our next door neighbors who happen to be our oldest son, his wife and our four ‘Treasures’ cannon-balled it up for a few days and made the trip even more exciting.

We were privileged to view the eclipse from an amazing 20,000 acre ranch.  The owners had a recent family reunion with teepees and a campfire area on a plateau over-looking a river.  We got to pretend it was our very own.  The eclipse was spectacular.  Our host had a fancy camera and took the ‘wedding ring’ photo above.  I hope you can enlarge it to see the fire around the edges and the beautiful color running through.  Such a great experience!  We plan to go to the next one in 2024, too!

We sure saw some beautiful country along the way, but there is something to be said about being able to click your heals three times.  There truly is ‘no place like home’.  Our first day back, I ran around checking on listings and taking down signs as we closed a few escrows while we were gone.  Have a few more to put up now!  Took some new photos today and will at another property tomorrow, too.

Meanwhile, there are some cabins and land available to tempt you.  I showed property today out on Conifer Road and cabins on Crestline.  Yes, it is hot up here, too, but we had a great time.  So, come up for a tour and join us on this beautiful mountain!

Here is everything right now on the MLS – 10 active listings including the vacant land.  Some beautiful views!!  Four are in Pending so we have more new folks headed this way.    Click to see the choices and come up and join us!

Let’s go tour!

Bonnie Phelps

760 742-1742





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