Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 13, 2017

New Neighbors Villarreal Family


A very warm welcome to Chad and Jodi and their three children Andy, Rae Rae and Tirzah.  We met during rehearsals for Annie with Tirzah in the lead roll.  Mom played Grace, the assistant to Daddy Warbucks.  So talented!  They have long-time friends up here, through their church.  They nudged them to move up and bring Chad’s experience as a sous chef to work at the Christian Conference Center. We were cheering them on.  Chad has such fond memories as a little guy, coming up to fish Doane Pond, so grew up loving this mountain.  Now the whole family feels the same way. Andy works in the city and is part time at home so that is why he is in the frame!  Rae Rae is also a performer with song and dance.  Tirzah loves to be able to have neighbor kids walking distance for play and sleepovers. Jodi home-schools the girls and teaches voice lessons!  More on that soon, meanwhile you can reach her at the cabin at 0570.  Looking forward to more sounds of music on the mountain!


  1. Wow, What a blessing too see you folks again..Many fond memories with you and your family at PVCC..It is amazing to see how fast your girls have grown..Blessings, David & Tina Chavez

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