Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 5, 2017

Sun Day and Square Dance Lessons

Our Palomar Kids Club Sun Day is tomorrow, June 6th, at 10am at the Observatory Outreach Center.

SOLAR OVEN COOKING:  I’m making my oven ahead of time using this model:  But feel free to make any type of oven!

If not doing solar oven cooking, make sure to bring a lunch for your kids to eat – no potluck this time.  Bring your own food to cook in the ovens.


We’ll be making ice cream for sundaes. Everyone needs to bring a gallon and a quart zip lock bag, along with one topping for the sundaes to share — just no nuts, please! Let us know what you’ll bring.

CYANOTYPE PAPER ART AND SOLAR TELESCOPE VIEWING: We’ll do cyanotype paper art again, so bring things for exposing! Nothing needed for solar telescope viewing.

SQUARE DANCE LESSONS, TOO!  If you and/or your kids want to learn to square dance, show up at 9am for our first lesson with Bruce Druliner. Lessons are for people who know their right foot from their left  🙂  Sure to be fun.  Bruce’s roots on Palomar go back to 1954 when his grandparents purchased ‘Rancho Palomar’ off the East Grade. Click for more about ‘Mountain Man Bruce‘ and get those dancing shoes on.

(If video below doesn’t load for PMNews Subscribers via email, click on tiitle of email message to view on-line)

For more information, email or call 0214. Come play with us!  Stacy Eriksen


  1. Bonnie

    Just read this latest newsletter ………………the things that are done for the kids are great and they must be learning a lot from the activities. I remember making/using a solar oven way back in my Girl Scout days and it was such fun to see it happen. Also, the square dancing will be wonderful …………………..just like the dancing days in Bailey barn.

    Enjoy it all!


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