Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 15, 2017

Post Office Tour tomorrow!


Our little post office is one of the smallest in the United States.  Tomorrow you’re welcome to join us for a tour.

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club will be visiting our Post Office on Tuesday, May 16th!!  Mayolo will be giving the kids a behind-the-scenes tour of how things work in our tiny mountain post office at the summit.  

10 am – Everyone is invited to pop by the Phelps’ house on State Park Road (please call or email Bonnie for address.)  We will make a card or write a note to be stamped at the PO.  Paper, pens, stamps and more will be provided. One letter will go to Ginny Moats.  She is 102 and a half and loves to get mail.  Click to read about her donation: 2200-rare-books-on-space-donated-to-cal-tech  You may want to bring an address for someone you’d like to send a letter to also.

Everyone will get to see some envelopes with special postmarks honoring the Palomar Observatory’s 50 years of Discovery in 1998:


and then 60 years of Exploration in 2008:


We’ll talk about what our Post Office was named in 1883 and why:  There-once-was-a-post-office-named-Nellie

Do you have more historical info on the Post Office?  Please let us know.  It would be much appreciated.

11:30 Behind the scenes tour in our tiny mountain post office at the Summit.  Even the name we use, referencing the Store, Restaurant and Post Office, goes back to one of our post mistresses years ago, Shirley Thompson.   Read about it here: Palomar Summit

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club meets every Tuesday morning at various locations on Palomar.  We welcome mountain kids of all ages to play and learn together!  

For more information, email, or call Stacy at 0214.  

Come play with us!

Stacy Eriksen

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