Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 11, 2017

24 Acres Panorama Trail For Sale

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A few years ago I really had a wake-up call.  I was hosting a broker caravan for a nice listing in the city.  I always ask for suggestions to improve my marketing.  One of the agents attending said, “be sure to add that the home has a view”.  A view???  I looked at the group nodding in approval as I glanced out through the windows seeing other houses on the street.  They directed me to an area they thought was a ‘view’.

Guess we are just a little spoiled with our views from this mountain, aren’t we?   This one is a 360 with Lake Henshaw, a sliver of the ocean, rolling meadow, gorgeous oaks, the Observatory… all the wildflowers blooming now, and no other homes or even power poles blocking you view in any direction.

You have bragging rights being off the grid on this very beautiful 34 acres.  The well is in watering an orchard with fruit trees and berries.  Where would you build that dream home?  There is a map waiting for you and lots of photos.  Click for photos and more info.

Meanwhile, let’s go take a look around!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

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