Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 5, 2017

Come hear Barb!

barbara anne waite quilt

From: Stacy Eriksen

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club is happy to welcome author, Barbara Anne Waite to speak on Tuesday, May 9th.  Barbara’s grandmother lived on the mountain nearly 100 years ago!  Barb used her grandmother’s diary to publish two books about her experiences and one is called Elsie’s Mountain:  Memories of Palomar and Southern California 1897 – 1987.  Barbara will be talking to mountain kids about what it was like to live here during those times, and will encourage us to keep journals as her grandmother did.

If it’s sunny, bring items that we can make a cyanotype craft with.  That was something Elsie did a hundred years ago!  Cyanotype are a type of photograph, made on light-sensitive paper.  Possible items for the craft might include a pressed leaf, a key, a feather  – anything that would look good in silhouette.  If it’s raining as predicted, a different craft will be done.

Everyone is invited to attend. (That means YOU!)  Barb will have both her books available and some wonderful vintage photos of Palomar.

Please bring an “old timey” item for our potluck – something that could have been made a hundred years ago.  Click for ideas

Join us on Tuesday, May 9th at 10am at the Observatory Outreach Center on Canfield Road, between the USFS Fire Station and the Observatory.

For questions, email , or call 0214.

The Palomar Mountain Kids Club — come play with us!

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