Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 3, 2017

Scavenger Hunt


Like a simple, free, fun game for kids on Palomar?  We were invited to a birthday party today – lotsa kids.  They needed four adult volunteers to lead teams for a scavenger hunt.  I got to be one of the volunteers.  So fun.

It was great to observe the kids thrill in finding all the things on their lists.  They were cautioned about poison oak (still look like sticks these days) and told the difference in daffodils and wild flowers – no picking neighbors flowers!  The feather was the hardest for our team to find, but what do you know?  In our hike around Crestline and Birch Hill, we came to the Spotted Owl cabin.  I told the kids that the owners really actually studied birds and named their cabin after the owls they watch for.  We finally found our tiny little feather out by their driveway.

The city kids were interesting as they were really thrilled to learn the difference between a pine tree, fir and cedar and hunt for acorns under the different kinds of oaks.

Pretty special up on this mountain top.


  1. That is so funny Bonnie. We too had a scavenger hunt in Saturday with a couple our grandkids. We had a hard time with the finding a feather too. We had to find the perfect leaf, the prettiest acorn, the most unique branch, a rock that looks like an animal and a bug dead or alive and more.

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