Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 2, 2017

Nate Harrison archaeological project


Peter has been a wealth of information on the history of Palomar Mountain.  He and his wife Kathy had a cabin up here until a few years ago.  However Peter’s still giving back to our community by collecting historical gems of this mountain.  I saw Peter’s post on Facebook about this archaeological dig at Nate Harrison’s and asked him for info to share.  Thank you Peter!  Here is his latest:

From: Peter Brueggeman

Subject: News item on resumption of Nate Harrison archaeological site work

News item on resumption of Nate Harrison archaeological site work:

Dr. Seth Mallios of the San Diego State University Anthropology Department, has resumed archaeological excavations at the Nate Harrison cabin site, located at Harrison Serenity Ranch on Nate Harrison Grade. With the permission of owner Vicki Morgan, Mallios and students have been excavating Nate’s porch area outside his cabin’s front door during the spring semester, on Saturdays and during Spring Break. After an eight year pause to Mallios’ Nate Harrison archaeological project, SDSU’s Assocation of Anthropology Students was awarded a grant from the SDSU Student Success Fee, reopening the project for 2017. Students will present some of the artifacts at Montezuma Hall on the SDSU campus, from 4 to 6 p.m. on April 18 [see ]

Harrison Serenity Ranch is available for booking stays, hosting weddings and events, etc…. see

San Diego Union Tribune story plus excellent video at

San Diego Union Tribune photo gallery at

ABC 10 News story at

……. Peter Brueggeman  peterbman(at)

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