Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 1, 2017

Like Trail Cams Installed?


When I saw the recent post about the burglary on Palomar it got me thinking.  My wife and I have a cabin on Palomar and I usually spend a few days a week on the mountain.  We have trail cams on our own property for security and to enjoy wildlife.  Over the past few years, I fine-tuned mounting and disguising the cameras to avoid detection. When I heard the last victims of the recent burglary had multiple cameras stolen, it got me thinking about offering a Security/Camera service for Palomar Mountain.

The plan would be to help homeowners establish a security plan. I’m usually available 4 days a week (Mon-Thu) and depending on how much interest there is, would determine how much time I spend on Palomar. I’m an avid outdoorsman so I spend a lot of time hiking, scouting, checking cameras etc. I can certainly provide references. I’ve been through full background checks for my Orange County CCW and CA Real Estate License. If enough people are interested I would get a business liability policy, etc. and make it an official business/service with a fee schedule. If only a few people are interested I could do a barter-for-service type of thing and just “help you out”….

Some ideas for service:

1) Utilization of game cameras either old (SIM Card) or new (Wireless/Data Plan) cameras. It might be a combination of the two, each would require a different “strategy”. The cabin owner would buy the camera(s) with my assistance and recommendations, or reimburse me. A data plan is another option which is not expensive at 5-10$ a month. Cameras can run $100 or $500+ depending on capabilities. Some can be solar powered. Most are battery operated.

2) My service would include placing and securing the cameras against theft. I’d look at routes of possible access and position cameras accordingly. Securing the cameras would include Python Locks or Secure Boxes. Another strategy is to get them high enough to be very impractical to steal and/or camouflaging them.

3) If the homeowner wants, I could do weekly security checks and camera checks. Wireless cameras give you an instant picture to your iPhone but would it actually prevent/interrupt the crime? That would likely require a pretty fast Sheriff’s response time which is unlikely. Cell service is an issue too, you need at least three bars for wireless cameras to route. So a less expensive “catching-the-crook” strategy with older cameras may make more sense in some cases.

In addition to peace of mind for security reasons, game cameras are a lot of fun simply to view the wildlife….

Interested?  Questions?  Please contact me directly.

Frank E. McCarthy

Cell: 1-619-993-5237

Office: 1-714-853-1947



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