Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 25, 2017

A PIG at a new listing!!!

pig-2  pig-3

Guessing the 12 acres of vacant land coming up needed some grooming and road work, so I kidnapped Robert Carlyle to go see it with me.

When I’m out and about looking at property, wildlife often crosses my path. I’ve seen lots of deer, wild turkeys, cows, my share of rattle snakes, fox, couple mountain lions and bobcats.  Today was my first encounter with a pig.

Walking back up the long driveway we heard something in the bushes.  “Look there’s a pig!” Robert exclaimed.


Children were playing outside a little farm next door.  We soon learned the pig’s name is Elijah and he is an escape artist.  He’s a very friendly guy who just wanted some lovin’.  The neighbors are working on their fencing but meanwhile, it sure was fun to meet this friendly pig!

img_1927   img_1922

img_1917   img_1921

Elijah enjoyed some amazing views today.  More info coming soon!

Bonnie Phelps




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