Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2017

Thanks to the US Forestry Crew!

20170222_122934   16833215_1636167059731932_411491833_o   20170222_123009

Betcha wish you were a Palomar Kid!?!  They are having sooooooooo much fun at their weekly Kids Club.  These photos show just a peek of the fun they had Tuesday as guests at the Forest Service Station.  Very impressive!  Those guys could charge admission!!!  Thanks to Stacy for heading up the events for the club and to the guys for giving the mountain kids another ‘Perfect Day’.  We are quite convenience they have never had that many people in that truck!

From: Stacy Eriksen

To Dink and his fire fighting crew at the US Forest Service Station, you ROCK!! The Palomar Mountain Kids Club had an awesome time visiting your station, finding out about how we can prevent wildfires, and how you protect our mountain. We had so much fun learning how to use your tools, equipment, and vehicles, and will never forget watching you jump into action when a call came in.  Meeting Smokey Bear was pretty special too. Thank you all for sharing with us!!

THANKS to Captain Ronald Gregor, Engineer Gilbert Toscano, Art Preciado and Kai Gavett!

20170222_123239   20170222_123523

16930740_1636167086398596_983251475_o   16930362_1636169219731716_151770144_o  16880242_1636169369731701_1451929689_o

16880188_1636169143065057_1977225160_o   16833327_1636169253065046_1131792886_o


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