Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 20, 2017

Who are these BAD guys?!??

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Who are these crooks?  They got up bright and early, driving an older Chevy Silverado with a  dark stripe.  They brought their blow torch and cut a gate to get in and steal from some neighbors.  They stole a dark green riding lawn mower, mountain bicycle, floor jack, game cameras, tools and more.

The tracks pointed out through other private property and the State Park where there have also been recent burglaries and the gate cut.

If you see this truck – please get the license number if possible and call Sheriff’s Detective Joseph Culver at the Valley Center Substation 760 751-4421.  Incident number is 17109081.

THANK YOU!  Any info would be appreciated by the family that has been on Palomar for over 50 years – and ALL of us on this wonderful mountain.


  1. Why is 2 pictures have been removed??

    • the first photos posted were very large and would not open on some devices. Also, one was very limited. I reduced the pix and reposted. However, your comment pointed me to the post showing only one photo. I just updated and appreciate the nudge.

  2. After seeing the pictures for a second time had me wondering if the camera was backed up a little further it could have possibly got the plate number. For those that are considering getting cameras make sure they can get the plate number. A good way to do this would be to park your own car in the driveway at night to make sure the camera is back far enough. Costco also has motion detect solar lights for a good price and the are pretty bright.

    • Hi David, I am sad to say it was our place on the mountain that was burglarized, We had placed cameras to get license plates. These low-lifes had no front plate and left at a high rate of speed in which if plate on rear was there no way to read it. We had 7 cameras on our property. Needless to say, they found most of them. Believe me they come prepared to get through to rob. They have cordless grinders and a torch setup that blows holes through 2 inch solid metal. Not only did they tear off a gate, they had to cut part of an oak tree that fell to gain access, I’m sure they were using our chainsaws, along with all the other tools all stolen, from the last time they robbed us!!! They took riding mower, floor jack, cameras, mountain bike and went through every tool chest and cabinet. They did all this in less than 1 hours time! We need to urge each and every one to be the extra eyes and ears to put a stop to these career criminals!! Please call Valley Center Sheriffs station if you think you have seen them or their vehicle or have any info to get them prosecuted! Drove a two toned Chevy truck, possibly white with lower colored stripe, black, blue or red? Aluminum rims, off road tires, extended cab, black tool box in bed. White male passenger, facial hair, possibly reddish. Lets make our mountain our place we can continue to enjoy and love for its Beauty and Peace!!! Let’s get these guys!!!

      • I’m very sorry to hear that.It seems that someone may know when your gone or that your place is easier to get in and out from the main road ..Or perhaps you do not have any folks living very close to you..Maybe a couple of dogs might stop this nonsense.

  3. You asked, “Who are these BAD guys.” I recognize them. They are a couple of individuals who just realized their free-bees from the U.S. Government are being cut off.

    • You could be right. I’d just like to see them caught. LOTS more trail cams are going in up here! Meanwhile, hoping you have a site where you might post this updated message

  4. Thanks Bonnie. Appreciate the heads up. I despise thieves!

    I have a game camera (kinda hidden) so if these jokers pulled on my property, I might see a license plate (if they backed to load or were leaving). I did not see a plate on front of the truck in the pictures you sent. Probably will position one or two more.

    Kind regards,

    Bill and Bobbi Martens

  5. Keeping an eye in Esco for that truck!!

  6. I wounder if these guys are connected to all the burglaries on the mountain? I hope they are and that they get identified, caught and convicted; and if possible that we as residents can put restraining orders on them that would prevent them from coming on the mountain.

    • I didn’t know about other burglaries. I am always glad to turn info around. There are over 2000 subscribers to Palomar Mountain News and those folks are mostly property owners up here and are good eyes. We need lots more trail cams on this mountain. Here is the link to last night’s post if you want to turn it around: I did update a bit. The truck tracks apparently came from the State Park, through the French Valley to the Einer/Bickler land on the north side of the French. So sorry about all the burglaries.

  7. I love game cameras. They’re all over my property and it’s not just for the game that’s for sure. Here is the link to the updated post if you would like to share: Guessing they live in North County or Temecula area to be up on Palomar, cut a gate in the State Park and drive up to this property to get their picture taken by quarter to 6 in the morning.

    • Yes, we need LOTS more cameras up here!

  8. These pictures should be placed in the Valley Center Roadrunner..What may be helpful is to note that the truck appears to be a two tone color..That along with the picture of this scumbag could be useful.

  9. Thanks, Bonnie. I posted it to the local Julian FB page. Hope someone knows who these jackasses are.

    Betty Birdsell

    • Thank you Betty. They need to be found and stopped.

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