Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 9, 2017

Here we go again!

img_5263  Two years in a row!!!

The past two years I’ve had to smile when calls came in from Phillip Molnar, Senior Business Reporter with the San Diego Union Tribune.  This year he started the call by saying,  “I think you know why I’m calling again…”  I did.  🙂

Every year Phillip does a story about the 10 highest price properties in San Diego County (I need to get back up there!!!), and the 10 lowest.  That low end is where Palomar has made the front page now two years in a row!  That sweet little Honeymoon Cabin with Bob’s Bunk out back and the irresistible outside shower was his lead story:

Purchased by a neighbor, that cabin-on-the-rocks is having new life breathed in to create a delightful vacation rental.  Thinking you’ll see it available real soon – Phillip is looking forward to coming up for a grand tour.

We have just a few options for sale for you to choose from on the Mountain these days.  Please visit

I’ll supply the umbrellas this weekend and let’s take off on fun a tour!




  1. and some of the best property in the county and hence the world, keep it under your hat, 🙂
    Gotcha! 🙂

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