Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 6, 2017

Welcome New Neighbor Mark


IMG_3708 web.jpg

When Mark Wisnosky came up to see cabins they were either too big or not quite private enough.  As we were pulling away from the last one for sale, I remembered I had one more key.  I explained that the owners were going to fix the siding and paint before making it active, but they had given me the key.  One look at the privacy and view and he had to go inside. Of course being the next owner of “Birdville” had quite an appeal, too. 

Mark’s new cabin is one of the smallest on all of Palomar but “way bigger than his boat” where he stays when in San Diego.  Everything worked out perfectly as he was able to move in immediately and get settled to enjoy our Christmas snow.  His internet was set up for his ‘cabin office’ where he spends much of his time as a patent attorney.  Looking out to that view is pretty inspiring as Mark is also an artist and a musician so we are looking forward to more great things from Little O’Chalet.



  1. Sound like an adventure, the old law offices over by the summit seem to be restrooms now. I bet Mark is in for some fun times.

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