Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 29, 2017

Greg and Doug – Then and Now

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The stories these guys tell!  Their folks, Fred and Florence Anderson moved their family to the Observatory about 1956.  Greg and Doug were thinking they were in maybe 3rd and 5th grade when they started at the mountain school.

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Dad was a machinist for Cal Tech and also made the little car and space ship for the boys.  They have so many fond memories of many adventures with all the mountain kids.

img_5839 Doug and Greg Anderson, a half century later enjoying a snowy day together on Palomar Mountain.

Doug and his wife, Linda come up for getaways from their home in San Diego.  They are our first guests for the 5th time at Cabin Fever.  It has been fun to meet up with them and hear tales of 50 years ago on Palomar.  This week Doug’s older brother Greg and his wife Christine drove down from West Covina.  I thought Doug had some great stories, but you get those two brothers together and it is really fun to hear them reminisce.  So, more photos and stories are promised.

img_5591-sm   img_5840

Linda and Doug, Greg and Christine


So fun to meet you all and looking forward to sharing your stories with the Mountain News Subscribers!

Bonnie Phelps


  1. fun to learn new things, about the Mountain.

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