Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 22, 2017

Elsie’s Mountain FREE today


Be sure to get BOTH Elsie books – links below.  The first one is a can’t put it down, delightful story of Elsie’s time as a school teacher and brings her to Palomar.  Must read that one first!  Both links are below:

FROM: Barbara Anne Waite

Today is my Grandmother Elsie’s 129th birthday. The second Elsie book, is free as an E-BOOK on Amazon (today only). The book, taken from my grandmother’s diary and letters, is a peek into life as it was 100 years ago. Here is an excerpt from Elsie’s Amazon page:
It was love at first sight when, as a young girl in 1904, Elsie first visited Palomar Mountain. Forever after she would refer to “my mountain” as some might speak of “my husband.”

Elsie and her husband Jack managed their own apple ranch and rustic mountain resort on Palomar during WWI and the years following. Rising 6,000 feet above San Diego and other coastal cities, Palomar provided a creative setting for a life that was anything but dull. Elsie recalls in delightful detail their “proper” British cook, the threat of dangerous forest fires, and the shock of finding out that they had hired an escaped ax murderer. When Elsie Hayes Roberts was ninety-seven, writer Larry Littlefield described her as “having a memory as sharp as an Ansel Adams photograph.”

Here is the  Amazon FREE link:




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am half-way through _Elsie’s Mountain_ and I am really enjoying it! Living up here, I love this line from 100 years ago, still relevant today: “The people living on Palomar are strong, self-sufficient and sometimes eccentric individuals. I am proud to be a part of them as I watch them take on tasks to assist one another.”

  2. 🙂

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