Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 29, 2016

Piles need to be Piled

fsc logo   Most of you know our Fire Safe Council has secured a free chipping grant.  Alas, it has come to my attention that chipping piles need to be piled CORRECTLY and BEFORE you call in to get on the list for free chipping.

Piles should be stacked with all the cut ends facing the same direction, in area where a big chipper can get in to do the work and get back out again.

Since most of you don’t live on the mountain, our PMFSC has a solution!  Keep reading!

If you live outside the area or are unable to come up to your Palomar property to take advantage of this grant, we have another option for you.  One of your neighbors, a PMFSC Board Member, Robert Carlyle, has volunteered to visit your property and advise you about what could be done to make it defensible, how to prepare your chipping piles and/or give options on getting the work done.

Please note, if the piles are not ready for chipping when the Chipping Grant Contractor arrives, they remove your address from the list (oh no!) and you will need to reapply when the pile is ready. So, you are welcome to have Robert check it out for you first and you should be good to go.

To arrange a visit, please contact Robert at 760-742-1891.

You’re always welcome to visit A link is at the top of the Home Page takes you to info about how to sign up for the grant.

Together we are working to make Palomar more Fire Safe for all!

Your Palomar Mountain Fire Safe Council  – PMFSC











  1. Again, nicely done!

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