Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 23, 2016

Turkey Trot to Boucher Lookout?


A Turkey Trot to Boucher Lookout is guaranteed to work up your appetite for all that yummy food heading your way.  Scott McClintock, chairman of the Forest Fire Lookout Association, confirmed the tower will be manned through the weekend, weather permitting. So, that means you can climb the stairs to the very top to hear all about the Fire Lookout while taking in that million dollar view.

For those more avid hikers, you might park at Silvercrest Picnic Area and walk the loop, up along the road.  For your hike down, you’ll find a dirt path in the back corner of the Boucher Lookout parking area. Of course, a certain granddaddy I know, might be convinced to shuttle the wee ones up to Boucher for their “Tower Field Trip”  and let them run down the path and meet at the entrance to the loop.

The $8.00 day fee to the park applies, so you might also end up with a walk around Doane Pond.

Here is a video telling about the low tech way the volunteers spot wildfires:

Last chance for a tower tour, since it is closing for the season the end of the month:

Lots to be thankful for, above the clouds on Palomar Mountain!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Bonnie and Don


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