Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 18, 2016

Surprise in a Septic Tank!

Nope, I don’t have a photo for this post!!!

Thinking back the 16 + years I’ve been a Realtor, I ‘ve been to a lot of septic inspections.  I’ve seen some interesting stuff, but this was a surprise. When the lids came off, I asked the inspector, “What is THAT?”

“Grease! Cooking grease!”

It was packed full, filled to the top with white-ish, fluffy looking stuff!  In a septic tank?!??  I could write a book about some of my inspection finds… but never saw anything WHITE before!

The cabin had been a rental in the past and they must have loved to cook with lard.  You REALLY don’t want to put grease down the drain.  You really don’t!

The inspector went on to say he had spent 8 hours pumping a tank recently full of baby and makeup wipes.  No matter how they are advertised, those wipes don’t breakdown and can be pretty costly when servicing your tank.

Thinking about all this, I realize most of you know how to care for your tanks.  But with the Vacation Rentals up here now, we have a lot of city folks visiting.  They might be used to using a garbage disposal for just about anything.  So, this is just a tip that thought some of you owners might want to add to your guidelines when you have guests use your cabin.

Lots of info is waiting for you online and this poem I posted a couple years ago has some for you, too, delivered with a smile:  Plumbing-poem-for-Palomar




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