Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 13, 2016

How clear is your Chimney?


In my travels, I am noticing some chimneys, ok, LOTS of chimneys, have tree branches that could use some attention before you build the next fire in your fireplace.  (Trees are just like children, they grow so fast!)

When I drove by this cabin, I saw branches just inches away from the chimney.  (If I remember right, branches are to be no closer than 10 feet from chimneys).

Jumped out of my car, took the pic, then saw the dead fir in the back ground.  Well, the timing couldn’t be better!  Your Fire Safe Council has a grant to assist with chimney clearing and dead tree removal.  There are some guidelines and restrictions, but it would sure be worth checking into.  All the details are at the top of the website:

You will also find a link on the left of their home page for ‘Local Resources’ that could climb up there pretty quick and get the job done.

Happy Fall, y’all!






  1. Thanks for posting this, Bonnie. I hope people read it and take advantage of the opportunity.


  2. Nicely done! – as usual!

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