Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 13, 2016

$50.00 off this weekend at Cabin Fever!


Who do you know that would like $50.00 off to stay at Cabin Fever this weekend?  I was just going to forward the Apple Festival info to weekend guests at our son’s vacation rental.  What a surprise!!!  It’s not booked!!!  It is available!

So, if you would like to stay in a very cute, cozy cabin for the weekend, we have a discount for you and all are promised a great time at the festival.

Simply click for the details, click Book It with your dates and I’ll adjust the rate for the discount:

Here is the info for the sure-to-be-fun Annual Apple Festival this weekend:

Bring your favorite Apple Goodies:

Is Cabin Fever booked or are you looking for a place to sleep more folks?  There might be other rentals available here:

See you at the Festival!

Bonnie and Don



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