Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 9, 2016

Full Time FD Staffing & Insurance Info

Great news for our mountain:

From: Cliff Kellogg

This past July San Diego County Fire funded full-time Cal Fire staffing, supplemented by County Reserve firefighters at our fire station for a period of one year.

Yesterday I received a call from the Cal Fire Division Chief notifying us that five backcountry fire stations are to be permanently staffed full-time by Cal Fire, including Palomar Mountain.

In addition to full-time Cal Fire Staffing and County Reserves, Palomar Mountain will have a paramedic assigned to our community station starting on or about July 1, 2017.

San Diego County Fire Chief Tony Mecham plans to attend our next board meeting on November 5th to provide further information, including the new ISO ratings of 3 and 3X for Palomar Mountain.  We hope everyone will attend this important meeting.

The Palomar Mountain Fire Department Board of Directors will continue to update the community with any further information.

Cliff Kellogg


Palomar Mountain Fire Department Board of Directors

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