Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 18, 2016

Road closed until 3:30 ish

The South Grade might be closed until 3:30 or so.  There was a motorcycle fatality about half way on the grade.  So sorry. As it stands now, you would be driving to that half way point to learn that you need to turn around and take another route.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this man’s family and loved ones. We were some of the folks stopped by fire dept. while heading down the mountain. After a small group came up we were allowed to continue down. VERY sobering driving past a body lying on the shoulder of the road covered with a blanket. Mountain roads are dangerous whether one is in a car or on a motorcycle. One doesn’t have to be racing to get hurt…accidents happen.

  2. How sad, another motorcycle racing death on Palomar mountain…
    When will the CHP ban racing up & down this mountain? How many more racing motorcycle riders will die on this road that is used as their private racing track?
    I say shame on the CHP for allowing this to go on and on…Death after death…Year after year…The racers die, and the CHP does nothing. The CHP could stop the racing if they wanted too. The CHP obviously cannot or will not (which is worse?) do their jobs…
    What’s a better SD UT newspaper headline…
    Another racing death on Palomar mountain, A dangerous road that motorcycle racers think is their private racing track…
    The CHP tickets dozens of motorcycle racers every weekend on Palomar mountain, A dangerous road that motorcycle racers think is their private racing track…
    Once again, shame on law enforcement for doing absolutely nothing to solve this problem.
    A Andrews (Former Palomar weekender from back when it was quiet at 3:00 am up there)

  3. Thanks Bonnie.east grade it is

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