Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 8, 2016

Motorcycles on the Mountain

Weekender, Rosemary Johnston is our main link to the Union Trib.  Many thanks for her taking the time to turn around stories that pertain to our favorite mountain.  Here is the latest:


  1. It’s too bad that this article was pro motorcycle racing, and no locals were interviewed.
    Many normally tolerant people (locals, and turists), want the motorcycle RACING banned!
    It is sad that a handful (a LARGE handful) of motorcyclists are noisily rude and dangerous. Anyone going over 55mph is breaking the law, ( the speed limit for all unmarked roads is 55mph), so WHY can’t we get the sheriff, or other law enforcer to hand out tickets?
    Palomar’s peace is RUINED every weekend!

    This mountain supports many people. Tolerance hasn’t stopped the rudeness, so I guess we need to take it to the next level. The squeaky wheel gets the attention, so we’ve got to be squeaky!
    Call the sheriff every time you see an infraction. Get the vehicles’ information. Take a photo.
    Take charge.
    Return the peace of nature back to Palomar.

  2. I was a weekender on Palomar mountain with a cabin for thirty years, and the riders have always been jerks. THEY SHOULD BE BANNED. This mountain is NOT!!!! their private racing track.

    One time driving down the mountain, a rider flipped me off for just driving a big slow camper…He flipped me off while racing around me…At the bottom of the mountain, he was in the middle of the road threatening me…He wanted to assault me…What he didn’t know was there were three other trucks following me (my cousins)…So when the motorcycle rider saw three vehicles with six big mountain guys, the coward jerk motorcycle rider jumped on his bike and left…The motorcycle riders on Palomar mountain can be violent jerks…Ban them for safety reasons…
    When I hear they crash & die up there…I wonder…When will the CHP grow a pair, and start writing expensive exhibition of speed tickets???. There are plenty of pull-off areas on the road where the CHP can look down and see them racing at high speeds.
    I once told the CHP about what happens on the mountain, I said “The red bike almost drove me off the road, go up there and get the guy on the red bike”…He said “Which red bike? They’re all red bikes”
    Why must we wait until one of these motorcycle racing jerks crosses the line and causes a Bus full of kids to plummet off of the mountain
    You can ban racing up and down a mountain, can’t you???

    If you care, either shame the CHP into doing their jobs or help to get these ________ banned from Palomar mountain.

    A Andrews
    (Former Palomar weekender from back when it was quiet at 3:00 am up there)

    SD Calif.

  3. Yep. Unfortunately I was there to see one of those two fatalities. Airlifted, but the guy didn’t make it.



    • So sorry. Glad you and your family were not involved in the accident.

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