Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 22, 2016

Pendleton Smoke


So thankful to wake up to clear air this morning.  This was our view about dinner time last night. You can see the smoke blocking the view a bit to Catalina out there. About 10 ish, our place got really smoky – kind of hard to get to sleep. Guessing the fire fighters were working overtime to get that fire put down.

It was strong reminder about the importance to keep our properties groomed to be more fire safe.  We all have job security up here with all the growth from the frequent spring rains.  Like some help?  Here is Fire Safe Council’s list of locals ready to go to work:



  1. Hi Bon,

    2000 acres have burned on Pendleton according to reports from 3 hours ago. Opening your story, I thought sure you were going to tell us how clear the air was on Palomar last night. As it turned out, we had clear air in our part of Fallbrook yesterday and all through the night. The smoke rose, got on top of the temperature inversion layer and protected us. What an unexpected turn of events.

    Those boys and girls at Pendleton are constantly trying to burn the place down, so it’s business as usual at the Marine base. 🙂



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