Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 13, 2016

Wood Pile Inn For Sale

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In 1924, sisters, Catherine and Anne Wood had a charming cabin built on Palomar. The builder crafted three different cabins out of mountain cedar, all with the same floor plan, and this is one of them!

A huge stone fireplace, of course, in a good-sized living room. He made the door handles, a window-seat, and drop-down windows so you have a nice breeze in the summer look out to the deck.


Let’s go in the kitchen.  It still has the wood burning stove. When electricity was brought to Palomar, the now-vintage refrigerator was added. The sister’s aprons were found tucked away, both washed and pressed and hanging in the kitchen, to use for the next baking project, now with a modern range.  Those favorite blue dishes are freshly washed and waiting for the next owner.


Tins for Sugar, Beans, Wafers and Popcorn appear to be recycled coffee cans.  They were painted and labeled by hand. That baking tin houses their sifter and biscuit cutters.

The sisters taught at San Diego High School. Last night I talked to one of Catherine’s PE students, Addie Marley.  She and her husband have a cabin close by and she has fond memories of her teacher.  Catherine loved Palomar so much that she researched stories and penned a book published in 1937, ‘Tepee to Telescope’.  Her book is a delightful read, available at the General Store.

 You have power and water and could have phone service and internet  – oh my, what would the sisters think of internet!?!  The land includes two APNs 135-062-56 and 063-41 for 1.2 forested acres. It is a fixer now, so bring a tool box for foundation, windows, siding, oh, you might want to add some insulation…  but for now, it could be pretty fun ‘Glamping’!


We have the table set for tea… come on up and join us!  See if Wood Pile Inn is the cabin for YOU!

The Sister’s Sewing Box:

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  1. Nicely done!

  2. Hi Marcia, Sorry for the delay in getting the page refreshed. All the info should be there now:

  3. Hi Bonnie. Been unable to access the particulars on this “wood pile” property. Size, price, location. Could you help me? Thanks. XOXO

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