Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 9, 2016

Real Estate Fun


Yes, I love to list and sell property!  But my all-time favorite is bringing out the best of the properties through staging.  Everything from having a road cut in so we can drive on the vacant land, grooming the property to make it more fire safe and insurable (!), to setting a table for tea with the original owner’s china dishes. (Stay tuned!)

I love the discovery of sifting through what is left in some of these cabins, homes and ranches, woven with such happy memories.  We work real hard to get the resident mice moved out, then use the best-of-the-finds to make the cabin even more inviting.

This little sewing box was a fun discovery in the latest cabin-in-the-works.  Ribbon from maybe 40 years ago, was made to add on a completed project.  It has the cabin name:  Wood Pile Inn.

Two sisters, Ann and Catherine Wood loved every minute at the cabin when they weren’t teaching at San Diego High School. Catherine was the author who wrote the delightful book, Teepee to Telescope that is available at our General Store.

Here is their photo on a post from 2010.   The owners are now going to let their beloved cabin go for a new family to enjoy.

Wood Pile Inn and about eight more listings are heading your way! Coming soon!!!

We did just add some recent properties to the Solds page for this year: We have very happy new owners on Palomar these beautiful summer days!

We will head those new listings your way just as soon as possible. Meanwhile, there are few still waiting for you at


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