Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 25, 2016

Have YOU registered?


Last Fall Cecelia Borland drove all the way over to Cymamaca to sit in on an all day class that she has been raving about and learned so much!  Now she is out thinning the cedars to 15 to 20 feet apart, so they can have sun on all sides and survive the next drought.  We are going to have the same great class, with the same trainers, right here on Palomar.

From:  Cecelia Borland

“What a great experience! When I found out about this free class, I drove over to Cuyamaca for the day.  I was so impressed with the presenters, JP Harris and Clay Howe.  Excellent communicators, who have years of experience both managing fires and training firefighters.

I learned so much about reading terraine, evaluating preparedness and defensibility and how best to preserve our home in case of fire. Living where we do, I thought it so important to better understand fire behavior, weather conditions, and survival techniques.  So glad I went.

I would certainly encourage everyone who lives on Palomar to attend this class – you will be fed lunch, too. And it’s FREE! What a deal!”  Cecelia Borland

Here is how to Register:

June 18th  – 8 am to 4:30  Held at our Fire Department.  Come on out and learn with your neighbors. 

Here is the Flyer:

It is also waiting for you on our website:



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