Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 17, 2016

“God Speaking”

God speaking

After being in the clouds much of the past couple days, the sun is really working to pop through.  Driving along State Park Road a few minutes ago, Loralee Arnold was in the car with me.  We made a turn and both looked in awe while pulling over.  Loralee said, “God Speaking”, as her mom would often refer to moments like this.  So beautiful to see the sun’s rays through the misty clouds.

If you haven’t meet Loralee, you must.  She lives in that very artistic ‘enchanted cottage’ behind the Lodge and loves pop-bys.


  1. Or, as I often breath at these moments, “Look what You did, Lord!” Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Bonnie, So beautiful & very nice! Thank you for sharing!❤️

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  3. The fairy tale cabin?😍

    • Yes, the Fairy Tale Cabin. You must visit… she is charming!

  4. Beautiful photo and story, Bonnie. I enjoy visits with Loralee, too (and her enchanting cottage). Palomar Mountain is truly a special place. Marcia Stults

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