Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 12, 2016

Come Fly with Us over 82 Acres!

9 82acresHD

Looking for some eye candy?  A beautiful video tour from a drone flying over this 82 acres is waiting for you. I met the owner to list this property a few days ago.  He had been down in a canyon to capture the spring wildflowers. I was out there with my little camera and took pix on the way in.  We’ll just forget about those for now…

The owner is a professional photographer and set up a website for the marketing of this pretty spectacular, 82 acres on the Nate Harrison Grade.  His personal website is pretty impressive and you might have even seen his work in National Geographic and may other places.

All the details are waiting for you here where you can scroll down and see through the owner’s lens:  82 Acres on the Nate Harrison Grade.  Prepare to be wowed!

Let’s meet up and go take a hike!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor



  1. I really think I need this in my life. Now…just need to find someone to gift me a couple hundred thousand. 🙂 Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh yes Sara, love to have you join us up here!

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