Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 8, 2016

Celebrating Moms!


40 years ago yesterday, a new little guy came into the world, Brandon Todd Phelps.  The next day, Don and I surprised my folks on our way home to Palomar.  My dad was the pastor of the Valley Center Church and just finishing up the morning service.  We were able to get there the last few minutes for everyone to meet the little guy and have a big dose of love from all.

When we got to the top of the mountain, we stopped at the General Store and Ralph and Bev Kulk came out to the car.  They were the first mountain friends to meet the newest resident.  Bev ran back in the store and came out with a little Palomar Mountain Sheriff’s badge to pin on and make him an official deputy, just like his dad.

Two years later, his brother, Nathan Adam was born.  We’d moved off the mountain by then but I don’t think Don missed a chance every year to take to boys up for snow days – and cookies, still warm from Rich and Lois Day’s kitchen at Nate Harrison Ranch.  He never called ahead, but Lois said once in a while she would decide to make cookies.  She’d tell Rich, “Don Phelps must be on his way with the boys” and often they would arrive just in time for homemade goodies.

After we sold our place in 1978 and bought the same house back in ’98, we are loving living a mile nearer heaven once again.

Hope you are enjoying happy memories of moms in your life, those of you who have people who call you ‘mom’ and celebrating this day.

Bonnie Phelps





  1. Thanks, Bonnie! Sweet memories indeed!

    Sent from the desk of Rosemary Johnston


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