Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 6, 2016

Ranch Reduced! All Aboard!

DSC_0090     Burnworth blossom pic_0137 (1)

Such a beautiful Spring this year!  Thanks to Barb Waite who took these apple blossom photos at Palomar Mountain Ranch.  It was part of the property that used to belong to her grandparents.  Lots of history filled with wonderful, happy memories enjoying these apple trees!  Now, it’s your turn to own this beautiful property and maybe write your own book of your family adventures!

The land has now grown to include a charming cabin, a caboose for your guests (or great vacation rental!) and (drum roll) garages that park 7 vehicles!

Check out Palomar Mountain Ranch and let’s go for a tour!  At that same link you will find links to the Union Tribune Story, Caboose in the Woods, and a Channel 10 news broadcast featuring the ranch.

You might also like to read Barb’s books, written from her grandmother’s journals of time on Palomar enjoying this land.



  1. Is this land zoned for farm animals, Goats, chickens, ect. ?

    • Yes, the land is zoned A-70. I just added a Property Summary Report to the listing on my website. It has all the details of zoning with links to the county for specifications. Click and scroll down to view the info for 82 Acres on Nate Harrison Grade. Goats would love it there!!!

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