Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 25, 2016

Buyer’s Wish Lists – Can you help?

We are at an all-time low for property up here.  We have some anxious buyers who have seen all, but not found the perfect place yet.

Do you have property you have considered selling?  New listings are certainly appreciated and maybe you could have a quick sale, who knows?  (Buyer already gave notice where they are living!)

Here are some current wish lists:

A couple wanting to move here full time with their little twin boys, would like a cabin that is livable, without a lot of fix-it work.  Must have good internet. Two bedrooms minimum, up to $250,000.  They would love to have a sunny location for a garden.

Several folks are looking for cabins to $150,000.

One family would like to build out a ranch, suitable for horses, and room to have a pond.

Several clients are looking for wonderful weekend getaways that would also make great vacation rentals.

How about a buildable lot with a water share?

A small cabin with separate quarters for guests?  Detached preferably.

Home for full time living, with a garage.

Oh yes, and “a little log cabin on about 10 acres with a stream running through it”.  Lots of folks all saw the same movie.  Palomar just doesn’t have something like the Eastern Sierra’s above us to feed that stream….

So, let’s connect and see what might work for all!

Your business and referrals are sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Bonnie Phelps












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