Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 16, 2016

Welcome Mike and Nicole – New Neighbors!


Growing up in Julian, and now living in the city of San Diego, Mike and Nicole have felt the need for some place to get away from the busyness of the city.  They want their kids to have a connection to land like they did, with time to play in the dirt and climb trees. Their kids are 4- and 2-years old plus another on the way! They plan to use the cabin as much as they can and also will rent it out so that other families can create lasting memories in the mountains, too.

Nicole’s maternal grandpa had ties to Palomar, himself growing up and then raising his family in Mesa Grande.  He grew up with some long-time Palomar residents and would run cattle up the mountain. His parents owned the Lake Henshaw Restaurant back in the day, now operated as The Hideout. But it was also fun to learn recently that Nicole’s maternal grandma’s folks met while working on a ranch in Palomar around 1916. Her great-grandpa was known as “The Fiddler” since he played his fiddle for dances at the Palomar Lodge. So Mike and Nicole are pleased to have their kids be the fifth generation to enjoy this Mountain! Mike runs a technology business and Nicole is a full-time homemaker and a part-time tutor when not planning projects for the cabin.  

What do you think the name will be?  “Fiddler’s Cabin”, of course!  How fun is that!?!

Pictured: Chris (Botti) Bastian, John and Barabara (Whigham) Botti, Nicole (Bastian) and Mike Appelman Nicole’s dad wasn’t able to make it that day, Gary Bastian.

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  1. Bonnie,
    Sometime would you ask the new neighbors if they are related to Charlie and Mary Botti that used to own the little cabins near Lake Henshaw? I remember staying there as a kid ( a million years ago) and my Dad would talk to Charlie. That name “Botti” sounded so familiar when you wrote that in your recent message.
    Thanks. Love these old memories!
    Alicelynn Cockrill

    • From: Nicole Appelman
      So cool! Yep, Charles and Mary Botti were my grandpa’s (who you met) parents. That is so neat!! Wow.

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