Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 7, 2016

Forest Service Fuel Break

From: Gray, Tim -FS []

Subject: Burning on Palomar Mountain

We have been burning on the backside of Fry Creek, just above Lower French (T9S/R1E/Section 32) and that we have also been burning out on the Palomar Divide TT (9S07) (T9S/R2E/Sections 30,31 &32). 

These projects are two fold the Palomar Divide Fuel Break system is to give Palomar Mountain Community, and watershed a fighting chance should we get an North Easterly Wind driven wildfire.  Hopefully the fuel break system will never be tested.  Though should it, it is in the best shape it has ever been in as far as we can remember.

The second fold is Forest Health and that is primarily what the work in Fry Creek is about, restoring the landscape back to more healthy shape when fire was common place and the forest was not choked out by ceanothus, to many trees per acre and beetle infestation, and drought.  Tree mortality and the list goes on.  Just like people when they are too close together and disease breaks out it spreads like wildfire.


Tim Gray, ADFMO BC-33  Fuels, Prevention
Forest Service  R5/CNF/PRD
p: 619-209-1414
1634 Black Canyon Rd Ramona, CA 92065
Caring for the land and serving people


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